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Belly Painting

When I am not busy painting faces, I often enjoy slowing down and spending time working on a slightly different canvas.... a beautiful pregnant belly.

Prenatal Belly paintings are beautiful unique way to create special memories of your pregnancy. I always find there is something quite amazing the way our bodies are able to transform as they are creating a new life to enter this world. Instead of hiding it away under layers of clothing, embrace it and enjoy it (as much as you can).

Each belly painting is unique, I love to create something that is special to each person, whether its something to represent the family, or something special to the new baby, the only limits are our imaginations. It is also a really special time to spend with the expectant mother.. and a chance for them to just relax and enjoy the moment.

As the painting is only temporary (although I know many mothers who have refused to wash it off.. leaving it on until it fades away), it is just as important to capture the moment with beautiful photos that will be treasured forever. I have mine printed on a canvas which was hung in the nursery.

Over the years we have painted many beautiful bumps, here are just some of my favourites. If you are expecting a child and want your own unique design don't hesitate to get in touch!

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