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Why Hire a professional

Face Painting, for a long time, has often just been something done by anyone who knew how to hold a paint brush. Who needs to spend hours practicing how to put a few spots and whiskers on the cheeks, right? Kids don't know any better any way? Its all a bit of fun, who needs to worry if their child has irritated skin after face painting, I mean they only need to get it done a couple of times a year. And no one will notice that their face is green for the rest of the week........

These days face painting is taken much more seriously. No we are not talking about painting masterpieces all over childrens faces (although we could!) We want to make face painting as fun as possible, with fast faces, that still look extrodinary, and are so comfortable to wear and remove. There is a whole industry out there around the world of professional face painters that take pride in offering a fantastic service!

With professional face painting becoming increasingly popular, people can easily spot the difference, even children! We find that more and more teenager and adults can't resist having their faces painted too! Face Painters have spent a lot of time working on different designs that appeal to all sorts of different people. People are so happy with their painted faces that they will come back over and over, they know it is comfortable and so easy to wash off, there is no hesitation to get their faces painted any more.

As professional painters we have plenty of experience when it comes to painting faces. Having a talent for art is a great start to becoming a great face and body artist but there is still so much you can only learn through time and experiences. I personally spend many hours every single week studying the art form, painting on my children and myself. I am continually learning new things, refining my skills and building up my speed. I want to be able to fullfil any request. I love it when a child comes up with something really creative and unexpected and I am able to paint exactly what they want, creating a very happy customer. I spend time coming with original unique designs so I can be prepared for anything.

We know how important it is to be able to offer fast faces. Speed is something that comes plenty of experiece painting the same designs over and over again. We work really hard to come up with designs that not only look amazing, but can be done in 5 minutes or less. This way we have faster moving lines, and more happy faces!

A lot of time is also spent researching the best products to use for face painting. The majority of face paint you can pick up in department stores, even though labelled 'face paint', are not great to use on the skin. Professional painters will only use, cosmetic grade (FDA approved) face paint. These will cost a lot more than the readily available 'face paint' from your local store, but are well worth it. The paints we use are gentle on the skin and generally will not cause any sort of bad reaction (I say generally, as there are some cases of very sensitive skin that may react) If there are any concerns I will always do a patch test before painting onto the face. I have been building up a good face painting kit for many years, to build up a good kit (or even a starter kit) costs hundereds of dollars. I am always testing out different colours and brands and I narrow it down to only the best to be used on other childrens faces. One of the requirements of the paints I choose to use ius that it washes off well. The last thing I want is to leave someone with a green face for the rest of the week. I want to be remembered, but not that well

If you are still thinking about not choosing a professional, then please choose products that are safe for the skin. Not only do you need to use safe paints, you also need to know about safe hygene practices. Keeping paints and brushes clean. Kids carry all sorts of germs, especially around the face, so you need to know how to avoid contaminating a whole line of children.

When you hire professional painters for an event you can be confident that you are hiring someone with the skills to meet your requirments of the day. We can paint fast, and and accomodate the type of designs to suit the event.

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