COVID - 19 Guidlines

We are looking forward to a fun Summer Season! Now is a great time to book those Summer Events and Christmas Parties. 
Once we reach Level 1 restrictions we will be able to paint at events of all sizes (keeping extra vigilant hygiene practices!).
In the case of having to cancel events due to Level restrictions we are happy to offer a full refund, and can rebook when safe to do so.

Currently in Level 2 we are able to Paint Faces and Twist Balloons at events and parties of less than 100 people. 
We will  continue the follow strict new guidelines below, to keep everyone safe and well:


- We can only paint those that are well! Unfortunately we are unable to paint anyone that may appear to have a runny nose, cough, fever etc. This applies to the painter too, we will only send painters that are well and have not been in contact with anyone that is/has been sick.


- Keeping everything clean and sanitised! We will wash/sanitise our hands between painting each child, as well as wiping down any surface that has been touched. All children need to have a clean face and hands before they sit in our chair.


- Keeping brushes and sponges clean. A single sponge is used per load and will not be reloaded after touching the face, a sponge that has touched the face will be put away to be thoroughly cleaned after the party. Brushes will be washed thoroughly between dips and seperate brushes will be uses where possible. Seperate water will be used for cleaning brushes and loading brushes.

- We ask hosts to keep track of those that are at the party. If required we will ask the host for a list of attendees for contact tracing.

-Face Masks will be worn by the artists while painting faces when required.

We can't wait to see you again soon! Email to enquire now.

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