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Belly Painting

Pregnancy belly painting is growing increasingly popular. It is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your pregnancy!


Relax for an hour or so as your belly is transformed.  We then capture the beauty of your decorated belly in a photograph which will make it last forever. We can even come to you in the comfort of your own home. You decide what you want painted, whether it be matching the nursery, or just something you love. We can help you design the perfect image. Check out the gallery for bumps we have painted already!


The ideal time to have your belly painted is between 6-8 months, or when you feel most comfortable.
Come and visit us in our home studio in Paraparaumu Beach. We can even often come and visit you in the comfort of your own home.

Included with the belly painting are 5 - 6 high quality digital photographs of the painted belly. If you have any other requests feel free to ask. 

Another amazing way to capture the essence of the growing belly is a series of belly paintings painted at different stages. We paint a minimum of 3 paintings through out the different stages of pregnancy which follow the journey of your pregnancy.
Some ideas of progresive paintings are a growing tree, blossoming flower, the lifecycle of a butterfly etc. A discount applies, the more paintings you have done.

Pregnancy Belly Painting (per hour) | $120.00 


Growing Belly Paintings (3) | $100.00 each 

Growing Belly Paintings (4) | $90.00 each 

Growing Belly Paintings (5) | $80.00 each 

Belly paintings are created in our home studio in Paraparaumu. We can also come to you although there may an additional travel fee.

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