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Why Good Face Paints are so Important

Before I started painting faces myself I was always very wary of getting my children's faces painted. It was the inevitable washing off at the end of the day that put me off, the paint would be really difficult to remove and would always leave the face looking red and sore. As far as I knew that was just face painting.

I understand all the people who are still wary of their children being painted and parents who believe their children react to 'face paint'. Most of the time I am able to convince these people that I only use the safest products and we end up with very happy little customers!

Just the other day I was reminded how important having good quality face paints were. My daughter discovered some paints I had many years ago, they are even labelled 'face paint' which people assume means that it is going to be completely safe for young childrens sensitive skin.

To even try and paint with these so called 'face paints' you will be disappointed by the results. Now I have to say this isn't a bad job from a 6 year old, I do not think that I could do much better myself. This paint is also uncomfortable to wear, have you ever tried it on your own skin? The times I have had my children painted with this paint, they had been asking to take it off soon after they were painted.

When it came time to wash it off (only a few hours later) it was extreemly difficult to remove and left her skin red and covered in a rash. Never before has she had a problem with sensitive skin so it was interesting to see that sort of reaction.

Why it is so important to use professional cosmetics - "Non-Toxic" does not mean "safe for skin". Acrylic paints (AKA craft paints or tempura paints) are not meant to be used on the skin - nor are watercolour markers or pencils. Many people are allergic to the non-FDA approved chemicals and colourants used in craft paints and will break out in a rash when these paints are used. Watercolour/washable markers do not easily wash off skin - the term "washable" refers to their ability to wash off fabric easily, not skin. Even paints labelled as face paints can be decieving. Professional-grade cosmetic face paints have been thoroughly tested. They are designed to be easy to work with, long lasting, comfortable to wear, vibrant and most importantly, they are safe!

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