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Painting with speed and quality.

When working at events or parties where there are lots of excited children all wanting their faces painted, speed is such an important thing! As a face painter it is important to find the balance of working fast whilst still maintaining quality.

Face painting isn't a race, often I hear people bragging about how they can paint 40 faces in a hour. It can be done, I know, I have had to do it on a few occasions. But to be honest, what you can produce in that time isn't exactly going to be fantastic. Face painting is about the experience, and you want them (as well as yourself) to be proud of what they have painted on their face.

There are also others that don't want to race at all. They like to take their time to create a masterpiece on each face. This is fantastic when you have heaps of time to fill, but doesn't always work when you have a large line of people.

I am always trying to find the balance, I want to keep the line moving as quickly as possible, yet create create something people are going to remember. For larger events I will simplify my designs a little which means I can get up to 30 faces painted in an hour. (I try not to do this too often as it is exhausting! But it can be done.)

For me, my magic number is 12 faces per hour. This gives me enough time to paint our favourite designs with just the right amount of details. It also gives me time to interact with each child, making sure their moment is extra special. It also give me time to breathe.

If you are wanting to make a booking for face painting at a Birthday Party or Small event, but are unsure how long you would like to book us for, here is a rough guide of the number of faces we can paint in an hour.

Our Super Talented painters can paint up to 12 'regular' faces in an hour, and up to 16 faboulously fast faces in an hour. In some cases we can paint even more, such as a sports event where the same design is painted again and again.

The time it takes to paint a face is based on the detail on the design, not necessarily by the size of design (for example a small cheek art character often takes longer than a full face due to the ammount of detail involved).

Some of our designs have been painted by us so many times that we can also paint them faster than other designs that may appear to have the same amount of detail.

We do also have 'deluxe designs' which take a little longer and have even more detail, these are especially popular with the 'bigger' kids (grown ups), or are great if you have lots of time to fill. Let us know if you would like to book more time for more detailed designs and we can work out a price and time that works.

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