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Tips for a great Birthday Party

Here are a few tips to make your next birthday party a huge success!

- Leave a balloon on the gate! This age old tradition is a great way of getting children excited before they even enter the door. Your guests will have no trouble finding the party and the entertainer isn't likely to get lost.

- Have the face painter come a little early so they have time to paint the birthday child before the rest of the guests arrive. This allows time to make sure the birthday child gets an extra special painting. They are then free to greet all their guests and enjoy their special day!

- It is often a really nice idea to have a wee craft of activity happening nearby while the face painting is going on so the children are able to pop away to have their face painting with out missing out on anything. It is also a really nice way for young children to 'warm up' to the party and it gives the parents a few extra moment of peace.

- Having a theme can be a lot of fun. Kids really love running around the jungle or garden as their favourite jungle animal or fairy. It is also helpful for those kids that just can't decide what they want painted.

-Have a large Mirror nearby for the children to admire their faces. A face painter will always bring their own mirror to reveal their face as soon as they are done, but children will love going back over and over again to check them selves out. This can keep them occupied for ages!

- Take photos! Make sure you get a photo of each child before they run off and roll in mud or smother their face in cake. Take a group photo too! This makes an awesome shot and kids will love looking back over the years to see who they had at their party.

- Have Fun! Laugh Lots! Worry about the mess later!

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