If you are organising a party or event, especially one with children, a good face painter is a must have! We can fill your event with many colourful faces making it one to remember.  We love adding a bit of sparkle and colour, brightening up any event!


Our friendly team of professional painters have many years of experience and are able to create beautiful, unique designs fast. We make sure we use only the best face paints and products, designed especially for painting on the face. 

We love what we do and will do what ever we can to provide a top quality service, we will make sure you love it too!


From our Fast and Fabulous painting for busy events to one of custom designs, there is something for everyone…..

Birthday Parties, Hens Parties, Baby Showers, Fancy Dress, Corporate events, Business Promotions, Prenatal Belly Paintings, Small and Large Community Events.... We can do it all!


Contact Us to find out exactly what we can do for you!


Birthday Parties

 1 Hour of Face Painting - up to 12 faces |  $120.00 

 1 Hour and 30 minutes of face painting - 12 - 16 faces | $160.00 

 2 Hours of Face Painting - 16 - 24 faces | $200.00 

 Additional 30 minutes of face painting | $40.00 
Additional Painter (for larger parties) per hour | $80.00

BALLOON TWISTING (8 - 12 children) per hour | $120.00
Face Painting + Balloon Twisting, 1 hour, 8 - 12 faces) | $200.00

Bling up your Party (add stick on Gems to your face painting designs) | + $20.00 per hour


Corporate events (Please get in touch for a customised quote)

 Up to 2 hours of Face Painting (single painter, 20 - 30 faces) | from $220.00 

 Each additional Hour of Face Painting | $80.00 - $100.00

 Additional Painters per hour (each painter) | $80.00 - $100.00

 Balloon Twisting + Face Painting  - (1 - 2 hours) 8 - 12 Children| $220.00

 Balloon Twisting -  8 - 12 Children, per hour | $120.00 

Pregnant Bellies

 Belly Painting (per hour) | $100.00 

Customised Face and Body Painting

 Face Painting (1 Face up to 30 minutes) | $50.00 

 Face and Body Painting (per hour) | $100.00 


Travel Fee for jobs outside of Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati | $10.00 - $60.00 

After Hours For bookings between 7pm and 9am | $120.00 per hour 

Peak Season Bookings in December and other popular weekends (eg. Easter) may be charged at a slightly higher rate | $120 -140 per hour

** Our Super Talented painters can paint up to 10 - 12 'regular' faces in an hour, and up to 20 faboulously fast faces in an hour. (Sometimes even more depending on the type of event)

 The time it takes to paint a face is based on the detail on the design, not necessarily by the size of design. 

Some of our designs have been painted by us so many times that we can also paint them faster than other designs that may appear to have the same amount of detail.

If you would like some of our more detailed designs we can work out a time that will suit you


Daizy Design Face Painting | daizyde@gmail.com

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Face Painting at Events

Face Painting and Balloon Twisting. Our fabulous team offers fast designs to add sparkle and colour to your next event, big or small.