Belly Painting

When I am not busy painting faces, I often enjoy slowing down and spending time working on a slightly different canvas.... a beautiful pregnant belly. Prenatal Belly paintings are beautiful unique way to create special memories of your pregnancy. I always find there is something quite amazing the way our bodies are able to transform as they are creating a new life to enter this world. Instead of hiding it away under layers of clothing, embrace it and enjoy it (as much as you can). Each belly painting is unique, I love to create something that is special to each person, whether its something to represent the family, or something special to the new baby, the only limits are our imaginations. I

Neon Parties

Over winter, when weather cools down and the days get shorter, finding ideas to keep kids busy at Birthday Parties often becomes a little more challenging (I know this well, having two children with Birthdays in the middle of winter!) Here is an idea for something a little different.. a Neon party! They really are a lot of fun, and don’t require a huge amount of work.

Recently I threw a neon party for my own child, she claims it was the “best party ever!”. Win! I spend my weekends at other peoples parties so when it comes to parties for my own children I want to keep it as simple as possible. 
I always enjoy spending a few days leading up to the party making decorations with the kids. For t

Face Paint.

One of the questions that I am most commonly asked is “What type of paints do you use?”. Well....The answer is actually quite complex.I have put together (as promised) a blog post to share with you my, completely unbiased, thoughts on the different brands of paints.

All of the paints that I use are ‘Professional Face Paints’. These are paints that are specifically designed for painting on the skin, they are more like a make up. There meet strict guidelines, including being approved by the FDA.
Professional face paints are easy to work with, easy to wash off and most importantly are safe to use on the skin. They should not leave a reaction. (However there is a small chance some sensitive sk

Painting with speed and quality.

When working at events or parties where there are lots of excited children all wanting their faces painted, speed is such an important thing! As a face painter it is important to find the balance of working fast whilst still maintaining quality. Face painting isn't a race, often I hear people bragging about how they can paint 40 faces in a hour. It can be done, I know, I have had to do it on a few occasions. But to be honest, what you can produce in that time isn't exactly going to be fantastic. Face painting is about the experience, and you want them (as well as yourself) to be proud of what they have painted on their face. There are also others that don't want to race at all. They like to

Why Good Face Paints are so Important

Before I started painting faces myself I was always very wary of getting my children's faces painted. It was the inevitable washing off at the end of the day that put me off, the paint would be really difficult to remove and would always leave the face looking red and sore. As far as I knew that was just face painting. I understand all the people who are still wary of their children being painted and parents who believe their children react to 'face paint'. Most of the time I am able to convince these people that I only use the safest products and we end up with very happy little customers! Just the other day I was reminded how important having good quality face paints were. My daughter disc

Why Hire a professional

Face Painting, for a long time, has often just been something done by anyone who knew how to hold a paint brush. Who needs to spend hours practicing how to put a few spots and whiskers on the cheeks, right? Kids don't know any better any way? Its all a bit of fun, who needs to worry if their child has irritated skin after face painting, I mean they only need to get it done a couple of times a year. And no one will notice that their face is green for the rest of the week........ These days face painting is taken much more seriously. No we are not talking about painting masterpieces all over childrens faces (although we could!) We want to make face painting as fun as possible, with fast faces,

Tips for a great Birthday Party

Here are a few tips to make your next birthday party a huge success! - Leave a balloon on the gate! This age old tradition is a great way of getting children excited before they even enter the door. Your guests will have no trouble finding the party and the entertainer isn't likely to get lost. - Have the face painter come a little early so they have time to paint the birthday child before the rest of the guests arrive. This allows time to make sure the birthday child gets an extra special painting. They are then free to greet all their guests and enjoy their special day! - It is often a really nice idea to have a wee craft of activity happening nearby while the face painting is going on so


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