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Why good quality face paints are so important!

Posted on April 20, 2016 at 6:40 PM

Before I started painting faces myself I was always very wary of getting my children's faces painted. It was the inevitable washing off at the end of the day that put me off, the paint would be really difficult to remove and would always leave the face looking red and sore. As far as I knew that was just face painting.

I understand all the people who are still wary of their children being painted and parents who believe their children react to 'face paint'. Most of the time I am able to convince these people that I only use the safest products and we end up with very happy little customers!

Just the other day I was reminded how important having good quality face paints were. My daughter discovered some paints I had many years ago, they are even labelled 'face paint' which people assume means that it is going to be completely safe for young childrens sensitive skin.

To even try and paint with these so called 'face paints' you will be disappointed by the results. Now I have to say this isn't a bad job from a 6 year old, I do not think that I could do much better myself. This paint is also uncomfortable to wear, have you ever tried it on your own skin? The times I have had my children painted with this paint, they had been asking to take it off soon after they were painted. 

When it came time to wash it off (only a few hours later) it was extreemly difficult to remove and left her skin red and covered in a rash. Never before has she had a problem with sensitive skin so it was interesting to see that sort of reaction.

Why it  is so important to use professional cosmetics - "Non-Toxic" does not mean "safe for skin". Acrylic paints (AKA craft paints or tempura paints) are not meant to be used on the skin - nor are watercolour markers or pencils. Many people are allergic to the non-FDA approved chemicals and colourants used in craft paints and will break out in a rash when these paints are used. Watercolour/washable markers do not easily wash off skin - the term "washable" refers to their ability to wash off fabric easily, not skin. Even paints labelled as face paints can be decieving. Professional-grade cosmetic face paints have been thoroughly tested. They are designed to be easy to work with, long lasting, comfortable to wear, vibrant and most importantly, they are safe!

The Flash

Posted on April 14, 2016 at 10:20 PM

This weeks pick of the week was completely inspired by Mr 3 who is obsessed with Super Heroes. Can't complain as it is a great chance to practice them all!

Why Hire a Professional?

Posted on April 14, 2016 at 4:05 AM

Face Painting, for a long time, has often just been something done by anyone who knew how to hold a paint brush. Who needs to spend hours practicing how to put a few spots and whiskers on the cheeks, right? Kids don't know any better any way? Its all a bit of fun, who needs to worry if their child has irritated skin after face painting, I mean they only need to get it done a couple of times a year. And no one will notice that their face is green for the rest of the week........

These days face painting is taken much more seriously. No we are not talking about painting masterpieces all over childrens faces (although we could!) We want to make face painting as fun as possible, with fast faces, that still look extrodinary, and are so comfortable to wear and remove. There is a whole industry out there around the world of professional face painters that take pride in offering a fantastic service!

With professional face painting becoming increasingly popular, people can easily spot the difference, even children! We find that more and more teenager and adults can't resist having their faces painted too! Face Painters have spent a lot of time working on different designs that appeal to all sorts of different people. People are so happy with their painted faces that they will come back over and over, they know it is comfortable and so easy to wash off, there is no hesitation to get their faces painted any more.

As professional painters we have plenty of experience when it comes to painting faces. Having a talent for art is a great start to becoming a great face and body artist but there is still so much you can only learn through time and experiences. I personally spend many hours every single week studying the art form, painting on my children and myself. I am continually learning new things, refining my skills and building up my speed.
I want to be able to fullfil any request. I love it when a child comes up with something really creative and unexpected and I am able to paint exactly what they want, creating a very happy customer. I spend time coming with original unique designs so I can be prepared for anything.

We know how important it is to be able to offer fast faces. Speed is something that comes plenty of experiece painting the same designs over and over again. We work really hard to come up with designs that not only look amazing, but can be done in 5 minutes or less. This way we have faster moving lines, and more happy faces!

A lot of time is also spent researching the best products to use for face painting. The majority of face paint you can pick up in department stores, even though labelled 'face paint', are not great to use on the skin. Professional painters will only use, cosmetic grade (FDA approved) face paint. These will cost a lot more than the readily available 'face paint' from your local store, but are well worth it. The paints we use are gentle on the skin and generally will not cause any sort of bad reaction (I say generally, as there are some cases of very sensitive skin that may react) If there are any concerns I will always do a patch test before painting onto the face. 
I have been building up a good face painting kit for many years, to build up a good kit (or even a starter kit) costs hundereds of dollars. I am always testing out different colours and brands and I narrow it down to only the best to be used on other childrens faces. One of the requirements of the paints I choose to use ius that it washes off well. The last thing I want is to leave someone with a green face for the rest of the week. I want to be remembered, but not that well ;)

If you are still thinking about not choosing a professional, then please choose products that are safe for the skin. 

Not only do you need to use safe paints, you also need to know about safe hygene practices. Keeping paints and brushes clean. Kids carry all sorts of germs, especially around the face, so you need to know how to avoid contaminating a whole line of children.

When you hire professional painters for an event you can be confident that you are hiring someone with the skills to meet your requirments of the day. We can paint fast, and and accomodate the type of designs to suit the event. 

Tips for a great Birthday Party!

Posted on April 5, 2016 at 8:05 PM

Here are a few tips to make your next birthday party a huge success!

- Leave a balloon on the gate! This age old tradition is a great way of getting children excited before they even enter the door. Your guests will have no trouble finding the party and the entertainer isn't likely to get lost.

- Have the face painter come a little early so they have time to paint the birthday child before the rest of the guests arrive. This allows time to make sure the birthday child gets an extra special painting. They are then free to greet all their guests and enjoy their special day!

- It is often a really nice idea to have a wee craft of activity happening nearby while the face painting is going on so the children are able to pop away to have their face painting with out missing out on anything. It is also a really nice way for young children to 'warm up' to the party and it gives the parents a few extra moment of peace.

- Having a theme can be a lot of fun. Kids really love running around the jungle or garden as their favourite jungle animal or fairy. It is also helpful for those kids that just can't decide what they want painted.

-Have a large Mirror nearby for the children to admire their faces. A face painter will always bring their own mirror to reveal their face as soon as they are done, but children will love going back over and over again to check them selves out. This can keep them occupied for ages!

- Take photos! Make sure you get a photo of each child before they run off and roll in mud or smother their face in cake. Take a group photo too! This makes an awesome shot and kids will love looking back over the years to see who they had at their party.

- Have Fun! Laugh Lots! Worry about the mess later!

Pic of the Week.

Posted on April 3, 2016 at 9:10 PM

I love this photo.. not only was it fun to pull out the paint and get greative, trying out a slightly different style, I really enjoyed just hanging out with my sister while she back home for a bit. I wish she lived closer so I could paint her all the time, it is really nice to have a willing model who was happy for me to paint what ever I felt like.

In the beginning..

Posted on March 31, 2016 at 8:55 PM

It is crazy to think that 6 years ago I painted faces as a fun little way to keep my daughter entertained. Who would have ever guessed we would be right here where we are today, and would have had the amazing journey so far.

A question commonly asked is "how did you get into face painting?". Well... that's a bit of a story. It wasn't something I had ever planned on doing, as a child, the thought of being a face painter as an occupation was not even considered. I always enjoyed painting.. it was something I loved to do for fun. There were plenty of artists in the family but even for them it was just a hobby. I did art all the way through school, and even though I did alright, I really struggled with the pressure of being told how and what to paint. By the time I had finished school, I packed up my paints and brushes, and I though that was it.. I had to go out and get a 'real' job. 

My plans of searching for a 'real' job ended up being put aside after the arrival of my eldest daughter. I was now a mum... my days were spent changing nappies, washing and dishes. At this stage the thought of dusting off the old paints and brushes, turned into thoughts of my 3 year old, dipping her fingers into the paint and decorating the house with it. It was just not going to happen. Until one day I took her out to a fair. We came across the face painters and of course she HAD to have her face painted. Now the face painting that was around even 7 years ago, was nothing like you see today, but I was still amazed. I remember taking a million photos, and we were both sad when it came time to wash it off. 

That was the moment I became fascinated by the art of face painting. I didn't know much back then, $2 shop paints were what everyone else seemed to use, so I went and brought a set (shock horror - I do not recommend!). With the nasty paints and brushes that were something else.. I made my own attempt at face painting. I realised quite quickly that there was definitely an art to it that I had not yet learnt... my painting was... well a hot mess.. nothing like the picture I had found on the internet... But never the less my daughter loved it (my youngest daughter, then a baby, didn't love quite as much.. in fact this may be the reason she ran and hid from my face paints for a very long time!).

A rarely shared photo. We all had to start somewhere, thank goodness I didn't give up after my first attempt!

I wanted to do it again... I wanted to figure out how to make it look better. I did even more research and this time tried some finer brushes.. I spent a little longer this time and my efforts seemed to pay off. I was so so proud of my first ever butterfly! 

Now my daughter was off school for a bit so we decided to try and come up with a new face painting ever day (I am always a sucker for a challenge). We had so much fun seeing what else we could do. After posting the photos online, a friend, who actually new a thing or two about face painting (thanks Harriette the Clown!) loaned me her kit! Wooooow! It was beautiful.. so many colours, and so much easier to paint with (good ol' Snazaroo)!

We were off... I I brought my own paints and brushes.. and I just kept painting... and buying more paints.. and painting...

I painted at a friends Birthday. I painted at the park. I painted at a strangers party who had seen me at the park. I suddenly had a small business and it worked perfectly around my own small children. 

We came up with a name. I wish I could tell you an exciting story behind the name.. maybe my name is Daizy... maybe I have a child called Daizy (we considered it..).. but no... the name came from my very first hotmail account... Daizy was the name I used online... my online persona.. and seeing as the face painting grew from something I had started online it just happened. 

These days people seem to know me as Daizy.. It's kinda like I gave myself a nickname... I always wanted a nickname.

Self Painting - Blossoms (2010)

Face painting was ticking along nicely. I was keeping busy painting at Birthday parties and events every other weekend. And I was still enjoying coming up with new designs at home (although my model was becoming more and more reluctant.. thankfully my youngest was overcoming her fear of face paint.) Painting became almost an obsession.. my every thought seemed to revolve around what to paint next, how to paint it better. When something becomes a passion, you just want to learn more and soak it all in. The constant practice was beginning to pay off.

My husband "Mr Daizy" found himself painting along. We used to be in the same art class at school, so this came as no big surprise. 

Then one day I got a message from someone in America. Wholley molley.. how does someone from the big US of A, know who this little painter from New Zealand was...?? Well they wanted me to come and teach painting a big convention over there. They have face painting conventions where face (and body) painters just like me come together from all over the world and just paint for a week. That sounds like heaven!

After ignoring the email for a few days... not sure if they were serious or not.. Mr Daizy convinced me to accept the invitation. I had never taught before.. but hey, how hard can it be. I had a practice run here in New Zealand, and thanks to some lovely face painters back here, I had so much fun. I am generally a pretty shy person, but when I get a chance to talk about something I am passionate it all just comes out. It is such a buzz to see other people soaking in everything you are saying and then seeing them share what they have learnt.

Our trip to Florida to the FABAIC (Face and Body Art International Convention) was incredible. I met so many beautiful, talented artists. Face painters are definitely some of the nicest people I have ever met. I think it made me grow in love with the art even more. 

As much as I loved the experience of travelling and face painting, there was still nothing quite like coming home, and seeing all my favourite faces.

Getting to paint the faces of children at such special occasions it such a privilege. I love getting to know the kids that come back to see me time and time again. Working with children is really rewarding.. nothing compares to the smile when they see them selves in the mirror, knowing you have totally brightened up their day.

Our little business has definitely grown, we have trained up our own small team of face painters to meet the demand of local parties and events. We always want to make sure we can offer the same quality of service. We have created a brand with its own distinct style of painting.

We still love being a part of the community and a part of many local events in Kapiti, as well as working in the wider Wellington Region. 

Over the past few years I have also done a bit of body painting. It is a whole other game. I love the challenge of creating a design to fit the whole body.. and the end result is always amazing. Painting on pregnant bellies has also been another exciting part of the adventure. Its a completely different canvas to work on, and you know that moment spent with the expecting mum with remain with them forever.

No day is the same with face painting.. each day carries new challenges and rewards. I am forever learning new things, little mistakes often become great new inspiration. I love being a part of the face painting community and getting to learn alongside them and being able to inspire each other every day. I am so excited to say that this is what I do and that I have been able to create a career out of face painting. I love it!

Starting Fresh...

Posted on March 15, 2016 at 12:15 AM

Alright... now I know, I have said over and over again that I will promise to keep this blog updated... and then of course nothing happens.... THIS time I am really hoping I can honestly keep up regular posts on the blog.

So with a new year (well sort of... I can not believe we are in March already!) and a fresh new look, I am starting a fresh new blog.

And to start with I have written a list of my goals for 2016

  • Blog Regulaly. As well as lots of great new posts I will recreate some of the old favourites.
  • I also hope this year to update you on the progress of the book (yes we are still working on it). And in the mean time will stick up some step by step tutorials right here.
  • I am really hoping to get back into creating new videos.. ( I just need to chase down my models).
  • I am also working on keeping up with all the different social media.. My current favourite is" target="_blank">Instagram(/daizydesign) I have finally figured out how to create a face painting page and I want to fill it up. Each day I hope to post something new (or maybe even a few old favouites). If you are on instagram be sure to follow us!
  • And of course as well as everything above I will keep up to date on facebook too.


Posted on October 12, 2015 at 3:35 AM

Ok.. so it may have been a moth ago.. but I am still excited about the weekend spent at the New Zealand Face and Body Art Convention.

If you have never been to a Face and Body Painting convention before you have no idea what you are missing out on... I could tell you all about the fun we all have hanging out with other people who are just as mad about face painting as yourself, how inspiring it is to watch other amazingly talented face painters/body painters/special effects artists/balloon twisters/ henna artists/really cool people doing what they love. I could tell you the endless things you learn... as an artist there is always so much more you can learn...

There are just so many great things I could say about a weekend away with artists creating art all weekend, but you will never really understand how incredible it is until you go along yourself. Do it, they are worth every cent! There are so many conventions happening all around the world. Find one close to you and just go!

Not only did I get to attend a whole bunch of great classes, I had the opportunity to teach others too.. I think I learn just as much from teaching than watching. This year I taught classes on using powders... (I love powders!!) Themed party designs and of course the ever popular Party Animals. 

Body Painting - The Circus

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 1:10 AM

This year I had only one big goal for myself. It was the same goal I have had for the last few years, and finally this weekend I can finally tick it off my list.... I completed my first ever body painting!

This weekend was the New Zealand Body Art Awards. With over 50 entrants in 7 different categories this event was absolutely spectacular.

The theme this year was The Circus, which meant for some really fun and creative pieces and performances, from wind up monkeys to lizards playing drums... the creativity was outstanding. Pieces were created by body painting, hand made costuming or prosthetic pieces and masks. The details in many of the pieces must have taken hours upon hours but the end result was well worth it.

Being in amongst the action was an experience in itself. So much creativity in one room. There wasn't a lot of time for looking around at others but every now and then I would catch a glimpse of somebody transforming into something magical. At 8am in the morning, a whole bunch of regular people walked into a basement and 8 hours later emerged as something you would only ever see in your dreams. An explosion of colours, creatures, the bizarre and the beautiful, the Circus had definitely arrived!

The show itself was equally amazing with the perfect blend of edge of your seat circus performances and the creations from the day really shining the stage. The organisers of the NZ Body Art Awards showcase put on a fantastic show year after year, and the talent of the artists just gets better and better.

This year I finally built up the courage to enter my first body painting competition. I was competing the Hand Painted Professional category, starting straight off against the professionals was a little daunting I have to say. So many things I had never had to think about, like how I was going to cover so much skin and all the details in only just over 7 hours, (thank goodness my model was little). How a whole body paint would work on stage as well as up close, finding the balance between the little details (which I love) and something that will stand out from the back of the auditorium. 

Finding a concept and making that design flow right around the entire body. I spent many hours sketching out designs and ideas on paper, as well as practicing on my husband and children. The night before the competition I was still refining the small details, as an artist I am not sure a work could ever be complete.

When the time came to paint I just put my head down and went for it. Pretty soon the creativity starts flowing and the design really starts coming together. The time flew by so fast. By lunch time things were looking on track but those next few hours just disappeared. Right up to the last few seconds I was adding finishing touches. I really wished I had just another 30 minutes to really tidy it up, although I am sure no matter how much time I had I would always want more. 

Finally seeing my design on stage, all those little details didn't matter any more. It was amazing seeing my vision of a lion tamer and the lion all come together on the day. My model was Amazing! She really brought the design and concept to life. She had tamed that lion within but the wild within was soo strong it was overcoming her.

I have to say a huge thank you to my assistant for keeping me calm on the day and all the little things I couldn't have done without you. 

Thank you to my model for putting up with 8 hours not being able to move and not complaining once, and for bringing my design to life, you are amazing! 

And to my family to traveling up in the car with us all for 8 hours to be there and support us on the night! Love you all!

Now it is over I am already thinking about my next body painting. The next NZ Body Art awards are in 2015 and I already have a few ideas, and I am sure I will find some other opportunities to paint before then.... just watch this space!

Cute Animal Masks on FABAtv

Posted on July 21, 2013 at 5:35 PM

We are very excited to have our very first class available on FABAtv this month!

While we were over at FABAIC we managed to squeeze in some time to film a couple of face painting classes on for FABA (Face and Body Art) tv.

An online channel dedicated to face and body art. There are so many wonderful classes by the top artists in the world, to be amongst them is a hige honour.

Our first class is all about Cute Animal Masks. We all know how much kids love animals, and in this class I teach all sorts of techniques for creating quick and simple animal masks that will last all day. We have come up with 4 great designs that we hope you will love as much as we do.

Subscribe to FABAtv to watch our class, and you will also have access to all the other fantastic classes.

For any body interested in Face and Body Art, FABA tv is well worth the investment, the edcuation and inspiration you will get is unbeatable, right from your very own home any time you feel like!

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