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Photo of the week

Posted on June 1, 2016 at 6:15 PM

Belly Paintings!

Posted on May 29, 2016 at 8:10 PM

When I am not busy painting faces, I often enjoy slowing down and spending time working on a slightly different canvas.... a beautiful pregnant belly.

Prenatal Belly paintings are beautiful unique way to create special memories of your pregnancy. I always find there is something quite amazing the way our bodies are able to transform as they are creating a new life to enter this world. Instead of hiding it away under layers of clothing, embrace it and enjoy it (as much as you can). 

Each belly painting is unique, I love to create something that is special to each person, whether its something to represent the family, or something special to the new baby, the only limits are our imaginations. It is also a really special time to spend with the expectant mother.. and a chance for them to just relax and enjoy the moment.

As the painting is only temporary (although I know many mothers who have refused to wash it off.. leaving it on until it fades away), it is just as important to capture the moment with beautiful photos that will be treasured forever. I have mine printed on a canvas which was hung in the nursery.

Over the years we have painted many beautiful bumps, here are just some of my favourites. If you are expecting a child and want your own unique design don't hesitate to get in touch

Neon Parties!

Posted on May 26, 2016 at 7:25 PM

As the weather cools down and the days get shorter, finding ideas to keep kids busy at Birthday Parties often becomes a little more challenging (I know this well, having two children with Birthdays in the middle of winter!)

Here is an idea for something a little different.. a Neon party! They really are a lot of fun, and don’t require a huge amount of work.

Recently I threw a neon party for my own child, she claims it was the “best party ever!”. Win!

I spend my weekends at other peoples parties so when it comes to parties for my own children I want to keep it as simple as possible. 
I always enjoy spending a few days leading up to the party making decorations with the kids. For this party we made pinwheels on white paper (make sure the paper is bleached for it to really glow!) Some of the paper we sprayed with some neon paint (fabric paints we bought from the warehouse that came in little spray bottles), just to add a bit of extra colour.

My favourite decoration was the neon dots we stuck all over the living room walls! These were label dots just bought from the local dollar shop. 
We also brought a bunch of post it notes which we stuck every where, and even made a few chains out of them. 
And from the ceiling we hung white streamers. There are so many ideas on the internet, we only needed to pick a few.

On the invitations we asked the children to make sure they came dressed in white or neon colours.
Once they arrived they had their face painted! A professional face painter will have all the right paints and know exactly how to make the most effective designs! Check out our party packages for Neon Parties!


We played a few games. Most of the traditional party games work well… playing them under black light seems to put a whole new spin on them. A big hit was the treasure hunt! We hid clues on stick it notes hidden in dark places around the house. We bought a few small black light torches for the children and sent them off hunting.

To be honest, after all the games… I think the kids had more fun just turning up the music and dancing in the darkness. A Disco party!

Other fun activities including creating their own neon splattered t-shirts. Just buy a bunch of white t-shirts and let them go crazy with the neon fabric paints. 
My girls being a little bit older also really enjoyed putting together their own glow stick jewellery, which they all took home after the party. K-mart had a great big box full of different pieces.. glasses… earrings… brackets… as well as plenty of regular glow sticks.


You can also go crazy with food (although the kids were having so much fun, no one took any notice). Super tip: Tonic water glows under black light!


The most important thing of all, none of this is any good without Black lights! For the black lights to work best you need to make sure there is no other light.. either black out all the windows and/or hold the party in the eventing.

In our home we put up two tube lights in the living room. We hired these from our party hire shop and were very reasonably priced. We also have one of our own which can be hired out in conjunction with face painting. Enquire here to find out more!

Neon parties can be as simple or complex as you like! The key things to remember when planning a neon party are the black lights (of course) A few simple decorations. Wearing the right clothing. FACE PAINT. And a few games or activities and Music! The kids will have a blast and so will you!

Photo of The Week

Posted on May 24, 2016 at 11:15 PM

Face Paints!

Posted on May 4, 2016 at 8:55 PM

Over the last couple of weeks I had a bit of fun using facebook’s live video feature, and created a few designs for you all to watch. One of the questions that was asked many times what “What type of paints do you use?”.

Well....The answer is actually quite complex.I have put together (as promised) a blog post to share with you my, completely unbiased, thoughts on the different brands of paints.

All of the paints that I use are ‘Professional Face Paints’. These are paints that are specifically designed for painting on the skin, they are more like a make up. There meet strict guidelines, including being approved by the FDA.
Professional face paints are easy to work with, easy to wash off and most importantly are safe to use on the skin. They should not leave a reaction. (However there is a small chance some sensitive skin may react to some brands. If you are ever concerned about a reaction a patch test should be conducted.)

 There are many paints out there that are often labeled ‘face paint’ that should not be used on the skin. I call these the cheap and nasty paints. Often sold for a couple of dollars in craft sections. (You can read more about the importance of good quality paints here.)

Professional face paint may cost a little more, but they are well worth the investment. I purchase my paints online from from trusted face and body paint suppliers.

When I first started painting I used Snazaroo paints. This is one brand that is easily available, and is reasonable priced (that paint goes a long way!). It is a great brand to use if you are just wanting to paint your own children faces.

After a few years of using Snazaroo, I found that I needed to expand my kit. Snazaroo is a great paint for painting ‘base work’, it goes on smooth and blends well.

As my painting progressed I eventually needed to expand my kit, I learnt quickly that different brands were useful for different applications. I needed a paint that wan’t going to blend as well to create nice crisp line work. Waxier brands, such as Wolfe, TAG and DiamondFX are fantastic for this.

I introduced Paradise paints for my base work. The creamy texture of this paint made it simple to apply, comfortable to wear, easy to blend with other colours and easy to wash off. (A paint that washes off well is very important, you want your clients to remember your face painting, but not so well that they can still see the remnants days later.)

In the past few years the number of trusted face paint brands has grown enormously. Each brand carries its own unique array of colours, which is how I chose a lot of my paints.
These days my kit consists of not only TAG, Wolfe, DiamondFX and Paradise, but also Global and FAB. As well as a wee bit of Face Paint Australia, Kryvaline, Kryolan, and Chameleon.

This photo shows the brands and colours that I currently carry in my kit. This changes regulary, I have a large box of new colours to add when necessary.

Split cakes and rainbow cakes are also a very popular type of paint. These are paints that come in rainbow strips of colour. These can be applied with a brush (1 inch wide) or a sponge. Most brands come with their own line of split cake combinations, so the choices are endless. I have a very large collection of split cakes and rainbow cakes.. there are just too many beautiful combinations.

In my kit I also have a few pressed powders which I use either on their own or in combination with my face paint. Mehron Starblends and Ben Nye Lumiere powders are must have's in my kit.

And don't forget all the accessories, glitter, gems, brushes, sponges.. but that is a whole other blog post!


So...I am sure my long winded post has left you more questions then ever, there are just too many great options to narrow them down. And this is just what I use! There are so many great painters, all with unique styles of painting, that will have their own favourite paints. You will never find 2 kits the same!

Don’t be afraid to buy a few smaller pallets and paints to try out the different brands, even buying a small split cake with give you a chance to try out a few different colours of the one brand. I admit that I have quite a few paints that I have purchased that I haven’t loved, or have since found a replacement for. I often use these for practice or to pass on to other people. And dont be afraid to ask, when you see a beautiful colour or splitcake. Most of us face painters just love to share.

I hope that helps answer the question of which face paint to use. As long as you are using a professional quality face paint (regardless of whether this is a hobby or a business) you can't go wrong. Grab some of your favourite colours and have fun trying them all out. You know there is no such thing a too much paint!

Painting With Speed

Posted on April 27, 2016 at 9:40 PM

When working at events or parties where there are lots of excited children all wanting their faces painted, speed is such an important thing! As a face painter it is important to find the balance of working fast whilst still maintaining quality.

Face painting isn't a race, often I hear people bragging about how they can paint 40 faces in a hour. It can be done, I know, I have had to do it on a few occasions. But to be honest, what you can produce in that time isn't exactly going to be fantastic.  Face painting is about the experience, and you want them (as well as yourself) to be proud of what they have painted on their face. 

There are also others that don't want to race at all. They like to take their time to create a masterpiece on each face. This is fantastic when you have heaps of time to fill, but doesn't always work when you have a large line of people.

I am always trying to find the balance, I want to keep the line moving as quickly as possible, yet create create something people are going to remember. For larger events I will simplify my designs a little which means I can get up to 24 faces painted in an hour. (I try not to do this too often as it is exhausting! But it can be done.)

For me, my magic number is 12 faces per hour. This gives me enough time to paint our favourite designs with just the right amount of details. It also gives me time to interact with each child, making sure their moment is extra special. It also give me time to breathe. 

If you are wanting to make a booking for face painting at a Birthday Party or Small event, but are unsure how long you would like to book us for, here is a rough guide of the number of faces we can paint in an hour.

Our Super Talented painters can paint up to 10 'regular' faces in an hour, and up to 16 faboulously fast faces in an hour. In some cases we can paint even more, such as a sports event where the same design is painted again and again.

The time it takes to paint a face is based on the detail on the design, not necessarily by the size of design (for example a small cheek art character often takes longer than a full face due to the ammount of detail involved).

Some of our designs have been painted by us so many times that we can also paint them faster than other designs

that may appear to have the same amount of detail.

We do have 'deluxe designs' which take a little longer and have even more detail, these are especially popular with the 'bigger' kids (grown ups), or are great if you have lots of time to fill. Let us know if you would like to book more time for more detailed designs and we can work out a price and time that works.

The following are just a few examples of the designs we can paint.

Live Facebook Tutorials

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 6:20 PM

The last couple of weeks my children have been home on Holidays, in the search for things to do we came across live videos on Facebook. 

No of course having the kids home I really want to use the opportunity to do a bit of face painting (I always have something new I need to paint!), and what better way to do convince my children to let me paint them than doing it live on camera. (You should see the amount of videos of themselves on my phone.. they just love taking videos of them selves)

With very little planning we decided to just go for it and see how it goes.. well I think it went pretty well, with a few hundred people watching our first video it was very exciting. Every few days we have been coming up with a new design to paint live, and even with a few hiccups (Mr 3, running away in the middle of a face painting, Live!) we have all had a lot of fun. Check out our Facebook page to see all our videos so far, and keep an eye out for the latest live videos. (We have been posting around 11am (NZ Standard Time) most days.. )

Why good quality face paints are so important!

Posted on April 20, 2016 at 6:40 PM

Before I started painting faces myself I was always very wary of getting my children's faces painted. It was the inevitable washing off at the end of the day that put me off, the paint would be really difficult to remove and would always leave the face looking red and sore. As far as I knew that was just face painting.

I understand all the people who are still wary of their children being painted and parents who believe their children react to 'face paint'. Most of the time I am able to convince these people that I only use the safest products and we end up with very happy little customers!

Just the other day I was reminded how important having good quality face paints were. My daughter discovered some paints I had many years ago, they are even labelled 'face paint' which people assume means that it is going to be completely safe for young childrens sensitive skin.

To even try and paint with these so called 'face paints' you will be disappointed by the results. Now I have to say this isn't a bad job from a 6 year old, I do not think that I could do much better myself. This paint is also uncomfortable to wear, have you ever tried it on your own skin? The times I have had my children painted with this paint, they had been asking to take it off soon after they were painted. 

When it came time to wash it off (only a few hours later) it was extreemly difficult to remove and left her skin red and covered in a rash. Never before has she had a problem with sensitive skin so it was interesting to see that sort of reaction.

Why it  is so important to use professional cosmetics - "Non-Toxic" does not mean "safe for skin". Acrylic paints (AKA craft paints or tempura paints) are not meant to be used on the skin - nor are watercolour markers or pencils. Many people are allergic to the non-FDA approved chemicals and colourants used in craft paints and will break out in a rash when these paints are used. Watercolour/washable markers do not easily wash off skin - the term "washable" refers to their ability to wash off fabric easily, not skin. Even paints labelled as face paints can be decieving. Professional-grade cosmetic face paints have been thoroughly tested. They are designed to be easy to work with, long lasting, comfortable to wear, vibrant and most importantly, they are safe!

The Flash

Posted on April 14, 2016 at 10:20 PM

This weeks pick of the week was completely inspired by Mr 3 who is obsessed with Super Heroes. Can't complain as it is a great chance to practice them all!

Why Hire a Professional?

Posted on April 14, 2016 at 4:05 AM

Face Painting, for a long time, has often just been something done by anyone who knew how to hold a paint brush. Who needs to spend hours practicing how to put a few spots and whiskers on the cheeks, right? Kids don't know any better any way? Its all a bit of fun, who needs to worry if their child has irritated skin after face painting, I mean they only need to get it done a couple of times a year. And no one will notice that their face is green for the rest of the week........

These days face painting is taken much more seriously. No we are not talking about painting masterpieces all over childrens faces (although we could!) We want to make face painting as fun as possible, with fast faces, that still look extrodinary, and are so comfortable to wear and remove. There is a whole industry out there around the world of professional face painters that take pride in offering a fantastic service!

With professional face painting becoming increasingly popular, people can easily spot the difference, even children! We find that more and more teenager and adults can't resist having their faces painted too! Face Painters have spent a lot of time working on different designs that appeal to all sorts of different people. People are so happy with their painted faces that they will come back over and over, they know it is comfortable and so easy to wash off, there is no hesitation to get their faces painted any more.

As professional painters we have plenty of experience when it comes to painting faces. Having a talent for art is a great start to becoming a great face and body artist but there is still so much you can only learn through time and experiences. I personally spend many hours every single week studying the art form, painting on my children and myself. I am continually learning new things, refining my skills and building up my speed.
I want to be able to fullfil any request. I love it when a child comes up with something really creative and unexpected and I am able to paint exactly what they want, creating a very happy customer. I spend time coming with original unique designs so I can be prepared for anything.

We know how important it is to be able to offer fast faces. Speed is something that comes plenty of experiece painting the same designs over and over again. We work really hard to come up with designs that not only look amazing, but can be done in 5 minutes or less. This way we have faster moving lines, and more happy faces!

A lot of time is also spent researching the best products to use for face painting. The majority of face paint you can pick up in department stores, even though labelled 'face paint', are not great to use on the skin. Professional painters will only use, cosmetic grade (FDA approved) face paint. These will cost a lot more than the readily available 'face paint' from your local store, but are well worth it. The paints we use are gentle on the skin and generally will not cause any sort of bad reaction (I say generally, as there are some cases of very sensitive skin that may react) If there are any concerns I will always do a patch test before painting onto the face. 
I have been building up a good face painting kit for many years, to build up a good kit (or even a starter kit) costs hundereds of dollars. I am always testing out different colours and brands and I narrow it down to only the best to be used on other childrens faces. One of the requirements of the paints I choose to use ius that it washes off well. The last thing I want is to leave someone with a green face for the rest of the week. I want to be remembered, but not that well ;)

If you are still thinking about not choosing a professional, then please choose products that are safe for the skin. 

Not only do you need to use safe paints, you also need to know about safe hygene practices. Keeping paints and brushes clean. Kids carry all sorts of germs, especially around the face, so you need to know how to avoid contaminating a whole line of children.

When you hire professional painters for an event you can be confident that you are hiring someone with the skills to meet your requirments of the day. We can paint fast, and and accomodate the type of designs to suit the event.